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Low-carbon technological innovation will become the future direction of environmental heat
Publisher:admin  Time:2013-12-25 15:26:58  Click:1340

With the promotion of energy saving , low-carbon energy become the refrigeration industry to build direction. According to the reporter , heat exchangers, refrigeration industry as ancillary products , must also need a breakthrough in terms of low-carbon energy .

Heat exchanger products , higher thermal efficiency , energy-saving effect is more obvious . According to market experts, the large air conditioning and refrigeration , water-cooled heat exchanger efficiency than air-cooled heat exchangers, such as shell and tube heat exchangers and tube heat exchanger heat rate can reach 75% , plate change because heat is used in the higher mode cooling fluid cooling efficiency can reach 95 %. In the air-cooled heat exchanger into " micro-channel , parallel flow " condenser as a rookie two devices industry has made great breakthrough in terms of low-carbon energy . In fact, the product in the heat exchanger , the heat exchanger efficiency is high as long as the product , under the same cooling capacity , the product volume becomes smaller , the amount of the refrigerant will be reduced, the whole volume of the cooling system will be a corresponding reduction small . For example, in air-conditioning products, two smaller volume products , air volume becomes smaller , you do not need so much air conditioning shell material , to a certain extent, promoting social progress, " the city's high prices , the air conditioning the product is also a gospel smaller volume , low-carbon , energy efficient refrigeration industry is always placed in the first one . " insiders told reporters .

Heat exchanger products of the future direction of technological innovation : saving energy , reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment already is China's basic national policy , policy reform laminating two products.

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