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Common type of heat exchanger corrosion of metal
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Corrosion is the destruction of the surrounding medium under the action of a chemical or electrochemical , and often the joint action and physical , mechanical or biological factors of metal produced , that under the action of the metal produced by the environment in which it destruction.

Plate heat exchanger common types of corrosion of metal in the following categories :

Uniform corrosion over the entire exposed surface of the medium , or generated in a larger area , the macro is called homogeneous uniform corrosion corrosion damage .

Crevice corrosion of the metal surface and the gap is covered by the site will produce severe crevice corrosion .

Two different contact corrosion potential of the metal or alloy in contact with each other and immersed in the electrolyte is dissolved in the precursor solution , it is the current passing between them, the positive potential of the metal corrosion rate decreased with increasing the negative potential of the metal corrosion rate .

Erosion-corrosion erosion-corrosion due to the relative motion between the dielectric and metal surfaces leaving a corrosion process accelerated corrosion .

Selective etching of an element in the alloy due to corrosion , a phenomenon known as preferential access to selective etching medium .

Pitting focused on metal surfaces greater depth of individual dots called pitting corrosion , also known as holes , pitting .

Intergranular corrosion Intergranular corrosion is the area near the grain boundary and the grain boundary corrosion of the metal or alloy of priority , and the grain itself is a relatively small etching corrosion.

Hydrogen damage to the metal in an electrolyte solution , due to corrosion , pickling, cathodic protection or plating can produce damage caused by hydrogen permeation .

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and corrosion fatigue is within a certain system of metal- dielectric materials due to the combined effect of corrosion and tensile stress caused by the fracture.

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