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Plate heat exchanger used in chemical industry
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Tube heat exchanger was previously selected in the ammonia industry, but because of the unique advantages of plate heat exchanger , such as high heat transfer efficiency, small footprint , easy maintenance , energy saving, low cost , and now in the ammonia industry increasingly popular. Heat exchangers are used in the following positions in :

1 water-cooled copper and copper ammonia liquid intercooler

Heat transfer plate heat exchanger tube compared to the effect of heat exchanger is much better , so the cooling effect is also very good , so you can save a lot of water volume , as well as a small heat exchanger , it is suitable for space there are requirements in working condition .

2 compressor oil cooler

Plate heat exchanger also applies to oil cooling , than tube heat exchanger to cool the better , and high security , easy maintenance. General compressor will be equipped with a plate heat exchanger for oil cooling heat exchangers , energy and security .

3 ice ammonia heat exchanger

Traditional ammonia absorption refrigeration system equipment, accessories and more, the volume is also very, very consumables , and energy efficiency values are also very low. The use of plate heat exchanger allows the system to simplify , improve energy efficiency , you can save a lot of space is also very cost effective .

4 . Poor liquid ammonia cooler and cooler

According to its degree of heat transfer and pressure , plate heat exchanger is preferred , it is designed to be able to withstand the pressure 4.5MPa, the effect is due to the additional heat exchanger, and the utilization of materials is also up about 95% , not to mention there are other advantages of small size, easy maintenance , cheap prices, more and more popular in the fertilizer business .

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