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China's auto industry competition pattern analysis exchanger
Publisher:admin  Time:2013-12-25 15:34:23  Click:1667

For a long time , China's automobile industry, the overall heat exchanger competition is a contest Automotive Group exchanger manufacturers and professional heat exchanger production enterprises. Belonging to the Group 's domestic automobile manufacturers heat exchanger including: Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. ( part of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation ) , Fawer Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. ( part of FAW Group ) , Dongfeng Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. ( belonging to Dongfeng Motor Group ) and other enterprises, taking into account the interest groups , most of these companies have access to part of the stable orders from within the group . Another part of the business, such as the Company , Shandong Houfeng Auto Radiator Co. , Weifang Hengan Radiator Group Co., Ltd. radiator professional production enterprises, rely mainly on their own product quality, technological strength , cost and service advantages in market competition occupy a certain market share.

However, with the transfer of the global automotive industry and automobile manufacturing division system continues to mature, this competition in recent years is gradually being broken, the market is fully competitive situation has taken shape , professional radiator manufacturer originally seize more cars share of the Group 's subsidiaries , as the company has become a supplier of FAW .

As competition intensifies , the domestic automobile radiator market also appeared divided. In the car market , due to the joint venture companies are mostly imported models, product design stereotypes, do not ask for professional design modular supply , mostly occupied by cars belonging to the Group's joint venture radiator manufacturer ; small displacement passenger car market, especially Weicheshichang , product updates faster models , and independent design models accounted for the major proportion of the country , so the higher ancillary radiator manufacturers requirements, must have a modular supply capacity and supporting technology research and development capabilities , a professional radiator manufacturer has a market advantage , occupy most of the market share ; with the gradual increase in domestic car models independently designed , professional radiator manufacturer has entered the field , and relying on their technical superiority , expanding market share in this field.

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