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China's industrial growth and stable heat exchanger industry
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In recent years, the international heat exchanger industry continued to shift low-end products to the Asian countries, China is an important market.

American and European countries are currently more focused on the field of high-end plate heat exchangers , pressure vessels have been gradually withdraw from classes for shell and tube heat exchanger products , the focus of the world's production of shell and tube heat exchanger gradually transferred to Japan , South Korea, India , China and other Asian countries. But in the world, the competitiveness of various plate heat exchanger is gradually rising . The development perspective, although the shell and tube heat exchanger is still dominant , but the plate heat exchanger prospects.

China's industrial heat exchanger industry growth and stability. GDP of $ 100 million in developed countries consume far more energy , energy saving in the industrial areas of urgent and arduous task . At present , China's industrial cooling water consumption accounts for about 80% of the total industrial water, 30% to 40% of total industrial water intake accounts , heat exchanger equipment for industrial energy , big water . According to statistics, the total industrial energy consumption of heat energy equipment 13 % -15 %. In order to enhance the social performance of the recent implementation of resource conservation , cleaner production policies , a significant increase in industry for efficient , water-saving , energy-saving , environment-friendly cooling ( condensate ) device applications. Also enhance the heat exchanger technology request .

In the field of heat exchangers , water cooled , air cooling and evaporative cooling methods are still used in various traditions have room for improvement , composite cooler has a number of advantages to make the future bright.

Composite Cooling ( condensate ) approach can use air-cooled , evaporative , cooling and other basic forms of water-cooled heat transfer cooling combination , and with environmental changes to get the best cooling ( condensate ) effects, while reducing water and electricity consumption of resources. Longhua heat as efficiently manufactured composite cooler , the indicators overall superior to the traditional cooling equipment , cooling equipment with unparalleled advantages of traditional , low-cost is expected to gradually replace the traditional water-cooled equipment.

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